A discussion about safety driving and traffic accidents among teenagers

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The Dangers of Drag Racing Among Teens

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Safety tips for teen drivers

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The relationship between age and driving behavior has interested highway safety researchers and administrators for many years. It is generally acknowledged that the greatest risk of traffic crashes is among teenage drivers. Traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for teenagers across the.

Teens Crash Because They Are Inexperienced Drivers. Contrary to popular belief, teens crash most often because they are inexperienced. They struggle judging gaps in traffic, driving the right speed for conditions and turning safely, among other things.

National Teen Driver Safety Week. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sponsors. Among Teen Drivers and Opportunities for Reducing the Risks contributing to the high fatal crash rates among teen drivers. Teen drivers in fatal (AAA Traffic Safety Foundation, ).

In another driver survey conducted by NHTSA inthe vast majority of drivers of. These free evidence-based teen driver safety tools for teens, parents, educators, advocates, policymakers, and primary care pediatricians are to be used to enhance teen driver safety.

These tools include fact sheets with teenage driving tips, videos, statistics, and educational curricula. A March National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report found that when there were multiple passengers in vehicles driven by teen drivers, the crash risk was three to five times greater than when driving alone; the risk was greatest for the youngest drivers (age 16 and 17).

Teenagers do only 20% of their driving at night, yet 50% of teenage fatalities occur at abrasiverock.com crash rate for teenagers driving at night with passengers is 4 to 5 times more likely than teenagers who drive alone during the day.

A discussion about safety driving and traffic accidents among teenagers
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