Interesting facts about me

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29 Fun Facts About Me

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100 Interesting Facts About The World To Blow Your Mind

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75 Super Obscure Facts That Everyone Will Think You’re A Hilarious Genius For Knowing

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30 interesting facts about yourself

Also, it was fully illustrated by its truly. EDIT: Definitely wasn't expecting all these responses! These are great. Redditors sure have a lot of facts about themselves that are fun!

Join in on the conversation about 10 Random Facts About Yourself on the TSR community forums. 30 interesting fact about yourself. 1. I would prefer bare foot if I can, if not sandals.

2. A festival that I would be super excited about is Halloween Day 06 - Write 30 interesting facts about yourself. 1.

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I was a dancer for ten years. 2. I have travelled quite a bit, including Italy Russia and Egypt. 3. I am celebrating my birthday this week and I thought it would be fun to let you know a few silly things about me.

Since this is my 27th birthday, welcome to 27 Facts about Me. Interesting Facts 1. If you somehow found a way to extract all of the gold from the bubbling core of our lovely little planet, you would be able to cover all of the land in a layer of gold up to your knees.

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Interesting facts about me
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