Write a short essay on emotional intelligence

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Essays on emotional intelligence pdf

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Essay on emotional intelligence

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Short essay on emotional intelligence

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Essay. What are Emotions?

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Emotional intelligence is the ability one has so as to identify, assess, as well as control the emotions of oneself, that of others, and of groups.

It involves attention to, emotional empathy, as well as discriminating one's emotions. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & EMOTIONAL COMPETENCE [pic] EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE Emotional intelligence is a form of intelligence relating to the emotional side of life, such as the ability to recognize and manage one's own and others' emotions, to motivate oneself and restrain impulses, and to handle interpersonal relationships effectively.

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The conception of emotional intelligence (EQ) has recently become a hot topic in psychological research in the manner in which it influences the workforce in today’s world. Article Shared by. Emotional Intelligence: Short Essay on Emotional Intelligence!

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Write a short essay on emotional intelligence
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